Orfeo Fundraising
Orfeo Fundraising

Giving Options

  • Preparatory day with director, NCEM & Orfeo (ALREADY SPONSORED)
  • Venue for one days rehearsal £400.00
  • Masks £350.00
  • Large Case £250.00
  • Day rehearsal for one performer £170.00
  • Caron's oar £150.00
  • Silk Drapes £85.00
  • Cough Sweets £50.00
  • Orfeo Fundraising

Searching For Love …

Created by Robert Hollingworth and I Fagiolini and featuring the glorious tenor voice of Matthew Long as Orfeo, this innovatory production will be drawn together by award winning stage director Tom Guthrie.

With the cost amounting to many thousands you can help bring this production to the stage. We have prepared a list of possible elements you might like to support, all donations are gratefully received and as a thank you everyone who has donated will (in December) get special access to a track of Matthew Long singing a very beautiful Monteverdi piece being recorded soon.

Thank you for your support and help making this production one of the finest ever seen at the York Early Music Festival 2019

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