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AnDa Union: From The Steppes to The City
AnDa Union: From The Steppes to The City


Saturday 9 June | 11.00am
AnDa Union: From the Steppes to The City
£7.00 (£5.00) concs) including coffee and cakes.
(dir. Sophie Lascelles & Tim Pearce, UK, 2012, 90”, subtitled, PG)

From the Steppes to the City is a rare insight into a forgotten land and nomadic life on the furthest edges of China, home to more than six million Mongolians. The film follows AnDa Union, a ten-strong group of young musicians, as they travel through the beautiful grasslands of Inner Mongolia. It celebrates their music and culture, from wild parties to moving stories of their sacrifices, and from a pastoral life to the harsh realities of the city. Haunting throat singing and long song with horse head fiddles and two-stringed lutes bring to life this powerful and ancient music.

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