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Baroque Day: Event 1
Baroque Day: Event 1

Saturday 4 May
Baroque Day: On Form
Day Tickets: £34.00 (concessions £28.00 | students £6.00)

Event 1 12.30pm
Compagnia d’Istrumenti
£15.00 (concessions £13.00 | students £3.00)

‘The Bread of Life’: the Baroque Sonata

‘The Bread of Life’: the Baroque Sonata
JS Bach      Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord in A major BWV 1015
Schmelzer      Violin Sonata in D
Handel      Violin Sonata in D major HWV 371
Purcell      Trio Sonata in D minor from Sonatas in 3 Parts
Corelli      Trio Sonata in B flat op. 3 no. 3
Handel      Trio Sonata in F op 5. no. 6

Roger North described the arrival of Corelli’s music in England as being ‘like the bread of life’ for musicians. This programme explores the Baroque sonata, including solo and trio sonatas by Bach, Handel, Purcell and the great master who formalised the genre, Corelli.

Event 2 3.00pm
£10.00 (concessions 8.00 | students £3.00)

Jennifer Cohen flute
Peter Seymour harpsichord

JS Bach      Flute Sonata in E minor BWV 1034
Telemann      Flute Fantasia in E minor TWV 40:9
CPE Bach      Sonata in D major for keyboard and flute Wq. 83
CPE Bach      'Hamburger' Sonata in G major Wq. 133
CPE Bach      Keyboard Fantasia II in C major Wq. 61/6

Sonatas and fantasias for flute and harpsichord by JS Bach, CPE Bach and Telemann.

Event 3 7.00pm
University of York Baroque Ensemble
£16.00 (concessions £14.00 | students £3.00)

Concerto: agreeing to disagree
Vivaldi      Concerto for Strings in C major RV 114
Telemann      Viola Concerto in G major TWV 51:G9
Corelli      Concerto Grosso in D major op. 6 no. 4
JS Bach      Brandenburg Concerto no. 3 in G major
Vivaldi      Concerto for Strings in G minor RV 156
Handel      Concerto Grosso in G major op. 6 no. 1
Vivaldi      Violin Concerto in F minor, ‘Winter’

The Baroque Concerto took various forms, from concerted works to those that pit a soloist or group of soloists against an orchestral ripieno group. Here we celebrate some of the masters of Baroque Concerto forms, from Vivaldi to Bach and Handel.

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