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Battaglia! Online
Battaglia! Online

Watch Date: Friday 17 December 10.00am - Friday 14 January 5.00pm
Battaglia! Online
£10.00 | Christmas Box Set £40.00

Bojan Cicic violin
Gawain Glenton cornetto
Silas Wollston organ

Cornetto & violin: a contest of equals

In the late 16th and 17th centuries the cornetto and violin were considered equals despite their obvious differences. The cornetto was the older aristocratic instrument, a symbol of church and state, pomp and ceremony. The violin meanwhile was the irreverent newcomer, emerging from a background of dance music for the street and tavern. For a short period, composers saw these rival virtuoso instruments as interchangeable, with many pieces written for ‘cornetto overo violino’ (cornetto or violin).

This concert celebrates the rivalry between these instruments with music from Italy, Germany and Spain. Who will emerge victorious? In the words of one reviewer, ‘it was we the audience who won’.

“It’s testament to Čičić’s artistry that you’re never aware of the difficulties being surmounted – fistfuls of the most awkwardly-written chords are dispatched with immaculate intonation and voicing, whilst the contrapuntal sections in the elaborate fugues have a clarity to rival the finest keyboard-player.” Presto Classical

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