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Compagnia d'Istrumenti
Compagnia d'Istrumenti
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  • Leeds Baroque Orchestra Sunday 11th June 3.00pm
  • University of York Baroque Ensemble
  • University of York Baroque Day
    Saturday 06 May | 12.30pm
    Compagnia d’Istrumenti: Lamenti stravaganti
    £14 (£12) £3
    Day Ticket: £37 (£32) £3 students

    Presented in association with The University of York

    Farina Capriccio Stravagante
    Telemann Gulliver Suite
    Schmelzer Lamento sopra la Morte Ferdinand III
    Froberger Lamentation faite sur la mort très douloureuse de Sa Majesté, Impériale, Ferdinand III

    Carlo Farina’s 1627 Capriccio Stravagante uses four violin-family instruments to mimic other instruments such as trumpets, shawms, organs, and guitars.  Telemann’s 1728 Gulliver Suite mimics characters from Swift’s tale only two years after it was published. We hear depictions of Gulliver, the Lilliputians, giants, sleep and concludes with the civilised and the barbaric. Included also are two Laments for Ferdinand III, Emperor of Austria and employer of Schmelzer and Froberger.

    This Baroque Day of three concerts focusses on the use of music to tell stories and to express emotions - a popular concept in the 17th and 18th centuries, although the term ‘programme music’ was not in use for another century. The music includes famous examples of musical storytelling by Telemann and Biber and also contrasts Laments written for instruments alone with those for accompanied voice.

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