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Ensemble Lucidarium
Ensemble Lucidarium


  • Event 10: Ensemble Lucidarium
  • Sunday July 7.00pm
    Ensemble Lucidarium
    £30.00 (concessions £28.00 | under 35 £6.00)
    Venue Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York

    Giulia Valentini, Carla Nahada Babelegoto, Lior Leibovici voices
    Avery Gosfield recorders, pipe and tabor, ‘flauti glissati’
    Ludovico Mosena dulcian, hurdy-gurdy, ‘flauti glissati’
    Fabio Accurso lute
    Massimiliano Dragoni percussion, hammer dulcimer, ‘tamburo elastico’
    Elodie Poirier nyckelharpa, ‘horse head’ lira

    Leonardo: Music and Maths

    Leonardo da Vinci and his contemporaries considered music to be a mirror in which mathematical concepts could be applied and proven; polyphony in particular was a field for experimentation where research brought tangible results. Leonardo’s designs for musical instruments – a combination of studied scientific improvements and impossible dreams – still exercise a fascination over us today, even if they occupied only a fraction of his sketchbooks. He certainly knew how to sing and play an instrument himself, while his professional life brought him into close contact with some of the greatest composers of his day.

    ‘The whole group works like a perfectly-oiled machine, where everyone knows exactly what to do, changing improvisational style from piece to piece with an expertise that left the public astounded and delighted.’ Messaggero Veneto

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