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International Young Artists Competition
International Young Artists Competition
  • International Young Artists Competition Event 2
    10.00am – c.5.30pm
    NCEM, St Margaret’s Church
    Reserved tickets: £Tickets 40.00 (U35 £5.00)



    BarrocoTout (Belgium)

    Carlota Garcia flute
    Izana Soria violin
    Edouard Catalan cello
    Ganael Schneider harpsichord

    From the Lowlands to Paris

    Music by De Croes, Leclair and Telemann

    Duo Seneca (Spain)
    Candela Gomez Bonet,
    Clara Rada Gomez cellos
    Virtuosos of the Cello
    Music for two cellos by Kraft and Gabrielli

    Ensemble Agamemnon (France)
    Anaëlle Blanc-Verdin violin
    François Cardey cornett
    Arnaud Brétécher sackbut
    Lucile Tessier bassoon
    Kazuya Gunji keyboards

    Wunderkammer: Birth of a Northern Aesthetic

    Austrian music by Fux, Schmelzer and Biber

    Ensemble Molière (UK)
    Flavia Hirte flute
    Ellen Bundy violin
    Kate Conway viola da gamba
    Jakab Kaufmann bassoon
    Satoko Doi-Luck keyboards


    Selected dance movements by Couperin and Rameau

    Fieri Consort (UK)
    Lucy Cox, Hannah Ely sopranos
    Nancy Cole, Helen Charlston mezzo-sopranos
    Tom Kelly, Josh Cooter tenors
    David Maguire, Ben McKee basses

    Love and Fortune: A Noble Legacy

    Amorous madrigals by Rore, Marenzio, Wert, Dowland, Gibbons and Willaert
    Il Botto Forte (Switzerland)
    Shai Kribus oboe, recorder
    Giacomo Catana violin
    Federico Toffano cello
    Alexandra Koreneva harpsichord

    'Sanguineus and Melancholicus '
    Trio sonatas by Prowo and CPE Bach

    Le Palais des Songes (France)
    Cecile Madelin soprano
    Paul-Antoine Benos countertenor
    Nicolas Rosenfield recorder, bassoon
    Juliet Petit viola da gamba
    Jeanne Jourquin harpsichord

    Battle of the Bands
    French and Italian Styles meet in a joust between two singers with music by Lully, Castrucci, Monteclair, Vinci, Mouret and Handel.
    Les Contre-Sujets (France)
    Samuel Rotsztejn recorder
    Koji Yoda violin
    Maya Enokida violin, viola
    Eric Tinkerhess viola da gamba
    Takahisa Aida harpsichord

    Baroque Celebrities (of their time!)
    Music by 'forgotten men' Naudot and Fasch.

    Rumorum (Switzerland)
    Grace Newcombe voice, harp
    Jacob Mariani gittern
    Ozan Karagoz voice, harp
    Mara Winter flute
    Felix Verry fiddle

    Summer and Winter
    Songs from Medieval Germany by Neidhart and Wolkenstein

    The Counterpoints (Netherlands)
    Thomas Triesschijn recorders
    Anna Jane Lester violin
    Aljosja Geert Mietus harpsichord

    Handel's Grand Tour - Part 2
    Music by Handel, Dieupart and Vivaldi

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