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Made to Impress or to Sing From?
Made to Impress or to Sing From?
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  • The Tallis Scholars Saturday 27th May 2017 7.30pm
  • Event 09 Beverley Early Music Festival 2017
  • Petrus Alamire's Polyphonic Choirbooks: An illustrated lecture by Thomas Schmidt
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    Made to Impress or to Sing From? Petrus Alamire’s Polyphonic Choirbooks
    Monday 29 May
    10.30am – c.11.30am
    Venue The Choir, Beverley Minster
    Tickets £5.00

    An illustrated lecture by Thomas Schmidt

    The so-called ‘Alamire’ manuscripts are amongst the biggest and most beautiful manuscripts ever made in the Renaissance period. Their size and lavish decoration corresponds to their function as gifts by the Habsburg regent Margaret of Austria to rulers all across Europe. But their content was also meant to impress: they contain the repertoire of Margaret’s court chapel which was likewise one of the premier musical institutions in Europe at the time. The talk explores how these fantastic objects could be many things to many people - to be sung from, the pictures to be looked at and interpreted together with the music, or perhaps just to be admired from a distance, with a sense of the glory of God and the power of the ruler in whose possession they were.

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