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Of all the Birds
Of all the Birds

Friday 23 August 2019 7.30pm
Of All The Birds
£18.00 (£16.00 concessions)

Blondel Medieval and Renaissance winds

Of all the birds - birds in music from c.1200-1650

The natural world, and birds in particular, provided a wealth of imagery and allegory for medieval and renaissance musicians, poets and artists. They provided a convenient cipher through which human dramas could be played out at a safe remove, and also served to illustrate the harmony of nature, in contrast to human suffering. Imitation birdsong was also a popular medium through which human musicians could display their virtuosity. This concert reflects both the perfection of nature and the artistry of humans in imitating it.
Blondel performs on shawms, bagpipe, and recorders, giving engaging and spirited performances of Medieval and Renaissance wind music.

Includes works by Muset, Bologna, Cluni, Senleches, Perusio, Vaillant, Baldwyn, Ravenscrof & Playford

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