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Pipes A-Plenty
Pipes A-Plenty
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  • Pete Coe's Tall Tailes Sunday 26th June
  • The Flautadors Recorder Quartet
  • Doors Open 2pm
  • Please note your family friendly discount will be applied at the checkout.

    Pipes a-plenty

    Sunday 29 May | 2.30pm
    £7.00 Young People £5.00 £20.00 (2 adults and 2 young people)
    Booking Fee: There is a £1.50 transaction fee per booking

    The Flautadors Recorder Quartet

    Spanning eight centuries, this programme includes medieval dances, folk arrangements, music from the Tudor courts, as well as some Bach and jazz. The group will play on over 30 different recorders ranging from the huge contra bass to the tiny garklein.

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