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Siglo de Oro Online
Siglo de Oro Online

Watch Date: Friday 17 December 10.00am - Friday 14 January 5.00pm
Siglo de Oro Online
£10.00 | Christmas Box Set £40.00

directed by Patrick Allies
Hannah Ely, Helena Thomson sopranos
Christine Buras, Rebekah Jones altos
Paul Bentley-Angell, Chris Lombard-Fitzgerald tenors
Ben McKee David Le Prevost, Ben Rowarth basses
Toby Carr guitar, Aileen Henry baroque harp, Kate Conway bass viol, Katie De La Matter chamber organ,
Tom Hollister percussion

Christmas in Puebla

This programme invokes the spirit of a Christmas Eve mass in Puebla Cathedral in colonial Spain (modern-day Mexico). The music is a blend of lively dance-infused villancicos (similar to secular carols) and high Renaissance polyphony. The central composer is Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla who travelled across the Atlantic from Spain in the 1620s, and developed the music at Puebla's new cathedral so that it could rival the finest in Europe.

"Siglo de Oro conjure the lively, dance-infused spirit of a 17th-century Christmas in Mexico ... all unfamiliar, brilliantly done." The Guardian

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