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Sound of Tea Online
Sound of Tea Online

Thursday 17 June 6.30pm | 8.30pm
Sound of Tea Online Event

A light breeze over the slopes of the Gopaldhara estate in Darjeeling brings the delicate smell of the tender silver white tip tea . In this evening performance , those treasured first-flush leaves accompany music that reminds one of a tranquil dusk.

The rains have arrived, drenching the tea leaves on the slopes of the Nilgiris in South India. Tendrils of smoke rise along with the magic cup of smoked, rolled tea that comforts the soul. Accompanied by music that swirls around the slopes it creates a beautiful echo.

A multi-faceted performance that combines tea ceremonies with vocals, flute, piano. percussion and electronic sounds. Sip a cup and interact with the “tea tables” that respond to the music.

Sound of Tea is a unique show that has been brewing for over a year.

The link to watch the event online will be sent to you the day of the performance.

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