Early Music York Early Music Christmas Festival

The York Waits

Wednesday 9 December
The York Waits

Tim Bayley  shawm, bagpipe, curtal, crumhorn, recorder, vielle, harp, portative organ
Lizzie Gutteridge  shawm, bagpipe, curtal, crumhorn, recorder, fiddle
Anna Marshall  sackbut, crumhorn, recorder
Susan Marshall fiddle, rebec
William Marshall sackbut, crumhorn, recorder, flute, bagpipe, gittern, guitar
Deborah Catterall voice, recorder

The Waits’ Wassail: Music for Advent and Christmas

Carols, songs and dance from across medieval and renaissance England and Europe presented by York’s very own Renaissance Town Band – a “grete noyse” of shawms and sackbuts!

Characteristically infectious and, as always, they brought music from days gone by to vivid, brilliant life.” York Press


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National Centre for Early Music
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Wed, Dec 9
National Centre for Early Music
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Wed, Dec 9

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