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The York Waits
The York Waits
  • Make we Joye now in this Fest
  • Thursday 13 December 7.30pm
    The York Waits
    Venue: NCEM, St Margaret’s Church
    £23.00 (£21.00 concessions | £5.00 under 35)

    Tim Bayley shawms, recorders, curtal, crumhorn, hurdy gurdy, bagpipe, harp, portative organ
    Lizzie Gutteridge shawms, recorders, crumhorn, bagpipes, fiddle
    Anna Marshall sackbut, recorder, crumhorn
    Susan Marshall fiddle, rebec
    William Marshall sackbut, recorders, crumhorn, gittern, guitar, bagpipes
    Deborah Catterall voice, recorder

    Make we Joye now in this Fest:
    Old English and European music and song for the festive season

    A musical journey through the seasonal celebrations of medieval and renaissance Europe. The programme starts at home with a selection from the rich source of 15th century English carols, including works from Yorkshire manuscripts. We move to the uplifting chorales of Lutheran Germany, before travelling to the wonderfully simple and atmospheric noëls, folk songs and dances from the Mediterranean.

    “It is rare and refreshing to hear a group like The York Waits for whom this repertory is once more a living tradition. It was difficult not to enjoy the music as much as they did.”
    York Press

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