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Wet Wet Wet's Graeme Clark
Wet Wet Wet's Graeme Clark
  • A Collection of Thoughts and Songs
  • Wednesday 5 September | 7.30pm
    Wet Wet Wets Graeme Clarke
    A Collection of Thoughts and Songs

    Graeme Clark is no stranger to the solo stage. He has been performing his own music in parallel with his more famous band for many years.

    Unbelievably its over 30 years since Graeme Clark set out on his musical adventure, writing the melodies and words for such big hits as Goodnight Girl, Angel Eyes and Julia Says along the way.

    Graeme will perform songs from his musical catalogue and give his audience a personal insight in to his musical experiences and inspirations.

    “I’m always looking for unique venues to play. I’ve written songs from my collection of thoughts and music gathered by my guitar and me over recent years. Having a good time being creative is why I got into music. I need to come back to that. Musical creativity is good for me – I enjoy it”

    Graeme will be joined on stage by renowned instrumentalist Stevie Lawrence (Bouzouki) and Fiona Cuthill (Violin/Fiddle)

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